"In a short while from now, your product, service or website could be announced to hundreds of news and media outlets around the entire world - giving your product an unprecedented press exposure, boosting traffic to your website, and adding bucketloads of cash to your bottom line."

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Press release writing and submission service - Guaranteed #1 on Google.com/news and/or Google.com

Here's is what is included in the package:

1. A professionally written 400 word (approximately) press release on your nominated product or service.

2. Professional submission to all the major news agencies including:

Google News, MSN News, Topix.com, Ask.com plus an ever growing number of syndicated outlets via comprehensive RSS feeds

(via a paid submission service - included in the WSO price.)

3. Guaranteed number #1 results on google.com/news for at LEAST one of your 4 keywords (but probably 3 or all 4).

4. I'll get you to #1 on Google.com/news, but in case you want to get even MORE exposure for your release, I'll include this free mystery bonus to help you achieve that.

To book your spot now, simply click the buy now button below to pay for $77 (next 7 orders only), then PM me the details of your campaign including 4 keywords, and up to 4 URLs. If you have a future date you want your press release written and submitted, you can book now to reserve your spot.

I will be tending to 3 customers per day to ensure a quality service. So if you are not one of the first 3 to purchase, you will be scheduled for day 2, orders 7-9 will be completed on day 3 etc. So get in early if you need your press release sooner rather than later. PM me if you want to know my current schedule in advance.

Click below to see a video of my most recent results in google.com/news:

#1 for 'child custody'

#1 for 'child custody information'

#2 for 'child custody law'

#7 for 'family law'

You can do corresponding searches in Google.com itself, and find my results up there in the top 10!

Here are some of my recent press releases for clients that reached #1 for their keywords in google.com/news:










Here's what some people from the Warrior Forum have been saying about the results I have been able to achieve:

  Marie Pugh - Hi Jane! I just has to come here and say thank you! For anyone who is thinking of getting this offer, there is no question! She has managed to get me #1 results for all 4 keywords I gave her! I still can't believe it! What a great job you did - I will be taking your name down and using you any time I need some good exposure! Thanks! Marie

  Valerie V - When Jane says #1 in google news, she means #1! My release hit and got to #1 for most of my keywords, including some that I wasn't even shooting for. I was actually surprised to see an extremely competitive keyword that I honestly didn't have much hope for go as high as #8 in google news. Thanks Jane! Val

  alyonafrendo - This is a fantastic offer and it is worth every penny. The Press releases work like magic and the traffic and back links you will get from this one service is amazing, actually I am pretty sure you will come back again and again for more

  abseiler - Hi Jane... Just wanted to congratulate you on the awesome results you achieved for me and my client. Number 1 on Google News for 10 of our most popular keywords! With the additional benefit of quite a lot of page 1 results in the SERPS. I'd also like to say thanks for your persistence in achieving these results and also your ongoing efforts in dealing with a potentially difficult customer (me). Rob

  capp - Thanks I am pleased with my press release. I especially liked the service. All I did was provide the keywords and forgot about it. I recommend this service to everyone. Curt

  TWU - Wow, what great results!

  Stephen Luc - Great. :)

  HunaGuy - Thanks for the great info. My business partner and I are releasing a new product in the next few weeks. This method would be a nice boost to get the link-building ball rolling.

  Takuya - I think you should really give yourself credit for successfully preselling your client's product through your press release.

  Chirag - Well Done on getting #1 in Google.

  Scott Cofer - I'm reading lots of good info re:press releases these days and I'd to finally start adding them to my promos. Well done, btw!

  inc101 - Good job and congratulations on getting #1 in Google.

  Conrado - Wow those are some great results!

Please select your quantity of press releases (bulk discounts)

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